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I possess more than two decades of experience as an International Development Professional, collaborating extensively with a diverse range of national, regional, and international NGOs. Throughout a significant portion of this period, my focus has been on incorporating disability perspectives into mainstream development efforts. This is supported by the fact that I hold an active membership within the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), underscoring my commitment to ensuring inclusivity.

During my career spanning back to 2002, I have dedicated to driving positive societal changes in various countries, notably Malawi, Botswana, and India. For instance, my tenure in India involved spearheading initiatives that aimed to enhance child education globally and combat the pervasive issue of child labour. In Malawi, my efforts were directed towards advocating for child and disability rights, in addition to being a vocal proponent of freedom of information. While serving as the Director of Programmes for the Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD), I played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of individuals with disabilities across Southern Africa.

Based on these experiences, I am able to offer the following services in the development Sector:

      • Nonprofit Management: Leverage my expertise in establishing and managing nonprofit organisations to provide guidance on various aspects of nonprofit operations, from lower levels to senior leadership, including governance, programme management, financial sustainability, and more.
      • Strategic Planning for NGOs: Assist NGOs in devising strategic plans that prioritise disability-inclusive development, drawing inspiration from my role at SAFOD and other international experiences.
      • Inclusive Development Strategy: Leverage my extensive experience in disability mainstreaming to assist organizations in formulating and implementing inclusive development strategies that consider diverse perspectives and needs.
      • Capacity Building Workshops: Conduct workshops and training sessions to enhance the knowledge and skills of NGOs, governmental bodies, and other stakeholders in integrating disability-inclusive practices into their projects.
      • Policy Advocacy and Consultation: Provide expert guidance in formulating and advocating for policies that champion disability rights and inclusive development, drawing from my experiences in promoting child and disability rights.
      • Project Evaluation and Impact Assessment: Utilize my technical background to assess the effectiveness and impact of development projects with regard to their inclusivity and potential benefits for marginalised communities.
      • Collaborative Network Development: Facilitate partnerships between national, regional, and international organizations to foster collaborative efforts aimed at advancing disability rights and mainstreaming.
      • Accessibility Audits and Consultations: Utilise my IAAP membership to offer accessibility audits and consultations, ensuring that infrastructures, services, and digital platforms are accessible to individuals with disabilities.
      • Cross-Cultural Engagement: Leverage my exposure in diverse countries to provide guidance on cross-cultural communication, ensuring that development efforts are culturally sensitive and locally relevant.
      • Resource Mobilization Strategies: Develop strategies to secure funding and resources for projects, utilising my extensive network in the development sector.
      • Research and Thought Leadership: Undertake research initiatives and contribute thought leadership articles to highlight the significance of inclusive development within the broader development discourse.

Based on the list of nonprofit management services outlined above, I can offer comprehensive support to organisations striving to make a positive impact in the development sector while ensuring effective and sustainable operations.

My multifaceted experience will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to a wide range of clients seeking to enhance their development initiatives.