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Who Am I?

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Hey there! I'm a multifaceted individual with a passion for making a meaningful impact in various domains. 

I'm a project and nonprofit management specialist with over 20 years of experience. I'm also an e-commerce freak, an innovation enthusiast, a productivity coach, and a creative writer. Thus, I consider myself a golden key that can open many doors.

First and foremost, I proudly hold the title of Project Management Professional (PMP®), a testament to my dedication to orchestrating and executing projects and programmes with precision and panache.

Beyond the corporate realm, my heart beats for the digital landscape, particularly the realm of e-commerce. I’m unapologetically a digital business freak, constantly seeking innovative strategies to harness the power of online platforms and technology to enhance customer experiences and drive business growth, productivity, and sustainability.

But that’s not where my diverse skill set ends. I’m equally adept in nonprofit management and international development, fields that allow me to fuse my project management acumen with my deep-seated desire for social good. Being an innovation enthusiast, I’m on a perpetual quest to explore novel solutions, both in the realms of business and social development, that can uplift the lives of the marginalised and underserved.

As a productivity coach, I thrive on sharing my knowledge and strategies to help individuals and teams optimise their efficiency and output. Seeing others succeed drives me, and I find immense satisfaction in aiding others to reach their full potential.

Now, let’s dive into my creative side. Writing is my sanctuary, my realm of boundless imagination. With a penchant for children’s literature, I wield my writing prowess to craft tales that inspire young minds to conquer challenges and nurture self-belief. My literary works serve as catalysts, igniting positive transformations in the hearts of those who read them.

At the core of my being lies compassion, and an unwavering empathy for the world around me. I channel this compassion into every project, every word I write, and every endeavour I embark upon. It’s this compassion that fuels my drive to leverage my project management skills for the betterment of society, combining efficiency with empathy to create lasting change.

In a world brimming with possibilities, I’m a relentless seeker of novel ideas and innovative avenues. My journey is defined by my commitment to merging project management expertise, e-commerce finesse, nonprofit acumen, innovation zeal, productivity coaching, and creative writing magic intertwined into a harmonious symphony of impact and inspiration.