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Explore Some of My Core Services and Expertise I Pride In.

After over 20 years working in several countries and regions, below is a list of the core skillsets I have gained that form the basis for all the services I offer my clients. My wide-ranging expertise includes project management, nonprofit management, event management, development research, and digital marketing, to mention a few.

Programme & Project Management

For over two decades, I have been proud to have cultivated exceptional project management skills, particularly within international development. I have garnered a multitude of international project management certifications, such as the esteemed Project Management Professional (PMP®), the versatile PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®), the comprehensive Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®), and the Project Management for Development Professionals (Project DPro) Certification.

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Nonprofit Management

I possess more than two decades of experience as an International Development Professional, collaborating extensively with a diverse range of national, regional, and international NGOs. Throughout a significant portion of this period, my focus has been on incorporating disability perspectives into mainstream development efforts. This is supported by the fact that I hold an active membership within the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), underscoring my commitment to ensuring inclusivity.

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Creative Writing & Storytelling

I am a Malawian author deeply engrossed in the world of children’s storytelling, driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact on the lives of youngsters, especially within Southern Africa. My dedication to this cause allows me to offer a distinctive perspective, coupled with an intimate understanding of the aspirations and visions that reside within the hearts and minds of youngsters. When it comes to children’s fiction, I’m adept at weaving tales that grasp even the finest nuances, skillfully capturing the essence of childhood itself.

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Digital Marketing & Content Creation

I am an online entrepreneur, and I manage e-commerce businesses for my clients and for myself. I am also an experienced digital marketer specialising in marketing products via websites, and social media. I am also into affiliate marketing and mainly deal with Amazon and eBay affiliate programmes. I pride myself on being a go-to partner, especially for small online entrepreneurs, or those seeking to leverage digital (e-commerce) businesses to amplify their online presence and boost their e-commerce success.

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Social & Development Research

I am a dedicated researcher with over two decades of experience in conducting participatory and action-oriented research, primarily focused on the development sector. Throughout my career, I have been involved in delivering Social and Development Research services that drive positive change and meaningful impact. My approach to research is rooted in the principles of participatory action research, a methodology I have honed over the years. The process involves a series of comprehensive steps.

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Event Management & Facilitation

I provide comprehensive Event Management and Facilitation services that are tailored to the unique needs of my clients in the development sector. With a meticulous approach and a keen understanding of strategic alignment, I ensure that every event I coordinate is a seamless blend of innovation, efficiency, and strategic purpose. My expertise encompasses the development of concept notes for events, where I work closely with clients to articulate clear event goals and objectives.

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Fundraising & Resource Mobilisation

By leveraging my insights, expertise, and strategic acumen, I am committed to equipping non-profit organisations in the development sector with the means to secure resources that translate into tangible, positive change within their communities. My offerings encompass a comprehensive array of services tailored to the unique needs of the development sector. At the core of my approach lies the formulation and implementation of effective fundraising and resource mobilisation strategies.

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Advocacy and Lobbying

My extensive journey across diverse countries and regions within the development sector has forged a path deeply entrenched in advocacy and lobbying. I empower my clients in the sector with the tools required to navigate the intricate landscape of advocacy and lobbying. My mentorship ethos instils the principles of effective engagement, honing their ability to interact with policymakers and duty-bearers. My approach ensures that my clients drive sustainable change.

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Personal & Team Productivity Coaching

I’m driven by the desire to assist others in unlocking their true potential by harnessing the power of productivity. By offering personalised coaching services tailored to individual and team needs, I empower clients to overcome the complexities of their commitments, foster positive team dynamics, and cultivate authentic client relationships. It’s through this holistic approach that I aim to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those I work with, helping them flourish in their work.

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