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I am a dedicated researcher with over two decades of experience in conducting participatory and action-oriented research, primarily focused on the development sector. Throughout my career, I have been deeply committed to delivering Social and Development Research services that drive positive change and meaningful impact.

My approach to research is rooted in the principles of participatory action research, a methodology I have honed over the years. The process entails a series of meticulously planned steps that ensure the research is not only comprehensive but also transformative:

  1. Problem Identification: I begin by identifying key challenges or issues that warrant investigation. This step is crucial as it forms the foundation for the entire research journey.

  2. Literature Review: Thoroughly reviewing relevant literature helps me contextualise the problem, identify existing solutions, and ensure that the research builds upon existing knowledge.

  3. Intervention Design: Based on my findings from the literature review, I design targeted interventions or strategies to address the identified problem areas. These interventions are tailored to create meaningful change in the specific context.

  4. Data Collection and Analysis: Employing a rigorous data collection process, I gather information from various sources, which is then subjected to meticulous analysis. This analysis unveils insights and trends that inform the subsequent steps.

  5. Reflection on Findings: Reflecting on the analysed data allows me to gain a deeper understanding of the situation and its underlying dynamics. This step often leads to refined insights and a more holistic view of the issue.

  6. Results Dissemination: Sharing the research findings is essential for generating awareness and sparking discussions. Whether through reports, presentations, or other mediums, I ensure that the results reach a wide and relevant audience.

  7. Implementation of Improvements: The final step involves translating research findings into actionable improvements. This can include policy recommendations, program changes, or other strategic shifts based on the evidence gathered.

One of my strengths lies in aligning research projects with the overarching strategies of my clients’ organisations. I ensure that each research endeavour is strategically linked by:

  • Understanding Client Goals: Thoroughly comprehending my client’s organisational goals and objectives forms the basis for crafting research questions and methodologies that resonate with their strategic direction.

  • Collaborative Planning: I engage in collaborative discussions with clients to ensure that the research design aligns with their vision. This involves adapting the research process to complement their goals.

  • Regular Communication: Throughout the research journey, I maintain open channels of communication with clients, providing updates on progress and seeking feedback to guarantee that the research remains on track.

Currently, I am a Commonwealth Doctoral Scholar at Loughborough University London, focusing on the innovative scaling of assistive technology solutions across Malawi, Kenya, and South Africa. My commitment to research excellence is reflected in my ongoing PhD work, which can be explored further on my university’s official profile page here.

Additionally, you can find more examples of my past research projects on my Profile here.

With a wealth of experience and a dedication to making a positive impact, I am here to provide Social and Development Research services that drive change and empower communities.