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I provide comprehensive Event Management and Facilitation services that are tailored to the unique needs of my clients in the development sector. With a meticulous approach and a keen understanding of strategic alignment, I ensure that every event I coordinate is a seamless blend of innovation, efficiency, and strategic purpose.

My expertise encompasses the development of concept notes for events, where I work closely with clients to articulate clear event goals and objectives. By collaborating closely, I ensure that the intended outcomes are aligned with the broader organisational strategy. These goals act as the foundation upon which all event activities are built, from event checklists that encompass logistical details to timelines of preparatory activities.

One of my successful events, the Webinar on Assistive Technology Business Innovations, which I jointly coordinated in partnership with Loughborough University and was held from September 28 to 29, 2021, stands as a testament to my approach. The webinar’s aim was to explore and share innovative business solutions that could enhance access to assistive technology for individuals with disabilities in Southern Africa. By systematically planning the event’s goals, coordinating with stakeholders, and developing a clear timeline, the webinar achieved its intended purpose. More information about this event can be found at

My proficiency extends beyond virtual events, as exemplified by the Southern Africa Disability Roundtable Forum. I conceived and executed the inaugural forum in Johannesburg, South Africa, in June 2017, and continued to provide support for the subsequent event in November 2022. Through thorough stakeholder identification, participant engagement, and resource mobilisation, these forums provided a platform for meaningful discussions on disability-related matters. Further details about these forums can be accessed at

Moreover, the Southern Africa Symposium on Inclusive Education is a prime illustration of my proficiency. Organised in November 2015 at the Holiday Inn, Johannesburg, South Africa, the symposium brought together experts and stakeholders to deliberate on inclusive education. By outlining resolutions and fostering robust discourse, the event contributed to the advancement of inclusive education in the region. Additional insights into this symposium can be found here.

In the realm of virtual engagement, I have effectively managed webinars that transcend geographical barriers. I possess the acumen to seamlessly integrate technology, ensuring that webinars are executed flawlessly. By harnessing various digital platforms, I curate engaging and informative webinars that extend the organisation’s reach while maintaining strategic alignment. My proficiency in this sphere complements my aptitude for in-person events, providing a holistic approach to event management that caters to diverse engagement preferences.

In summary, my Event Management and Facilitation services encompass the entire spectrum of event planning, from developing concept notes and setting strategic goals to executing clear timelines, resource mobilisation, and stakeholder engagement. My track record of successful events, both in-person and virtual, underscores my commitment to precision, innovation, and strategic alignment, all of which are integral to the success of any event within the development sector.