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For over two decades, my extensive journey across diverse countries and regions, particularly within the nonprofit, humanitarian, and development spheres, has forged a path deeply entrenched in the realms of advocacy and lobbying. Throughout these years, my role has encompassed engaging in purposeful dialogues and interactions with policymakers and other stakeholders, creating a mosaic of experiences that now underpin the comprehensive suite of advocacy and lobbying services I extend to my esteemed clients.

The cornerstone of my offerings lies in the adept crafting of advocacy strategies tailor-made for nonprofit organisations. Drawing from a reservoir of encounters, I have refined the art of developing strategies that resonate with the nuances of each client’s goals and aspirations. These strategies are not just theoretical blueprints; they are accompanied by hands-on guidance, equipping clients with the skills and insights needed to execute them with finesse and efficacy.

A distinctive facet of my service is the provision of guidance and mentorship in the realm of advocacy. Through bespoke training sessions, I empower clients with the tools required to navigate the intricate landscape of lobbying. My mentorship ethos instils the principles of effective engagement, honing their ability to interact with policymakers and duty-bearers. This transformative journey ensures that my clients are not just recipients of information, but become advocates capable of driving meaningful change.

To illustrate the tangible impact of my approach, let me share three emblematic instances from my extensive portfolio:

  1. Global Disability Summit Advocacy Toolkit: A sterling example of my work lies in the creation of an advocacy toolkit designed for stakeholders vested in monitoring commitments forged at the 2018 Global Disability Summit (GDS). The toolkit equips advocates with the means to influence subsequent GDS iterations. This tangible resource, accessible at, embodies the essence of strategic advocacy.

  2. Inclusive Young Voices Pilot Project: I coordinated the #Inclusive Young Voices (#IYV) Pilot Project, a transformative initiative that empowered young individuals with disabilities (aged 15 to 24) across five Southern African nations. This pioneering endeavour harnessed the potency of social media as a vehicle for advocacy. Through youth dialogues and engagements with influential stakeholders, including state leaders, ministers, parliamentarians, and policymakers, the project illuminated the path towards disability mainstreaming. Discover more at

  3. Assistive Technology Information Mapping Project: A testament to my multifaceted capabilities lies in my stewardship of the Assistive Technology Information Mapping Project (AT-Info-Map). This visionary undertaking commenced in 2016 with the creation of a mobile app to map the availability of assistive technology in Southern Africa. Over time, it burgeoned into a series of impactful national awareness seminars and advocacy initiatives. Explore the comprehensive journey at

In summation, my services encapsulate a legacy of experience, distilled into strategies, mentorship, and transformative impact. Navigating the intricate tapestry of advocacy and lobbying, I empower nonprofits to become formidable agents of change, crafting a future where their voices resonate with influence and efficacy.