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Gone for A Walk – Kindle Edition

Gone for A Walk – Kindle Edition


Grab your copy of Gone for a Walk for your kids, grandchildren, young nieces and nephews, etc. This is a children’s book that blends storytelling with education. Aimed at 8–14-year-olds but enjoyable for all ages, it tackles the sensitive issue of HIV and AIDS in Africa, fostering empathy and cultural understanding. Beyond a captivating read, it includes activities to enhance language skills, making it an ideal resource for young readers worldwide. A must-read for fostering compassion and awareness in young minds.


Gone for a Walk is a thought-provoking children’s fiction book designed to inspire empathy, celebrate cultural diversity, and encourage bravery in the face of life’s hard truths. This book, perfect for readers aged 8–14 but equally meaningful for all ages, delves into the sensitive theme of HIV and AIDS, particularly its profound impact in Africa, leading to a significant rise in orphaned children and numerous social challenges.

But Gone for a Walk is more than just a story; it’s an educational journey. The book includes engaging activities at the end of each chapter to enhance comprehension and aid in the development of English language skills, making it an ideal choice for both Western and African young readers. These features make it not only a compelling read for children but also a valuable resource for parents and educators seeking to impart essential life lessons in a compassionate and understanding manner. Embrace this unique blend of storytelling and learning with “Gone for a Walk,” a book that promises to enlighten, educate, and entertain.